Japanese investment information

For managers, investors. These are investment item information such as a business transfer, a stock transfer. Please refer if you have the item which you are interested in.

・Healthy salon: Warm temperature, Sue board, nail salon : Price consultation

・ Nail salons : Tokyo : 3 million yen – 10 million yen

・ Nail & eyelash salon : Osaka : 3 million yen

・ Beauty treatment salon : Kobe : 8 million yen

・ Manual Therapy : Yokosuka : 2 million yen

・ Osteopathic Clinic :  Tokyo, Osaka : 1 million yen – 20 million yen

・ Relaxation salon : Kyoto, Osaka : 1 million yen – 6 million yen

・ English conversation system : 3 million yen

・ Picture for the investment : 1,500 million yen

・Massage salon in Hawaii : 100,000 dollars

・Dolphin Tour Operation Company in Hawaii2 billion yen

・Sandwich chain in Hawaii : 300,000 dollars

・Shop selling Buddhist articles in Hawaii800,000 dollars

・Eyelash Salon in Hawaii : 300,000 dollars

・ Matrimonial agency in Hawaii : 550,000 dollars

・Spa business in Malaysia : 80,000 dollars

Rental business of advertising photography equipment : 14 million yen

・Maid Cafe 12 shops (Tokyo) : 700 million yen

・Elderly Citizens’ Day Service Center (Tokyo) : 13.5 million yen

・Orthopedic hospital  : 54 million yen (Tokyo) 20 million yen (Ibaraki)

・Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic (Tokyo) : 80 million yen

・Asian restaurant (Tokyo Shinjyuku) : 100 million yen

・Sales business of the steel product (kanto) :  50 million yen

・Cat Caffe : 12 million yen (Kansai)  6 million yen (Tokyo)

Beauty clinic Medical laser Hair removal (Tokyo) : 40 million yen

・Yoga studio and Esthetic salons (3 Studios in Tokyo) : 70 million yen

・Medical Clinic (Ginza) : 60 million yen

・Beauty and medicine clinic (Kawasaki-city Kanagawa) : 15 million yen

・Medical Corporation (Hibernation) : 13 million yen

・Budget hotel (Ropponngi, new construction) : 4 billion yen

・Budget hotel (Ueno, new construction) : 2,500 million yen

・Budget hotel (Ginza, new construction) : 2 billion yen

・Training information website : 200 million yen

・Soccer game of the smartphone : 400 million yen

・ Beauty treatment salon (Ginza)  : 15 million yen

・ Day service (South Kanto)  : 50 million yen

・ Hotels building (approximately ten: Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Ota-ku, Taito-ku, Edogawa-ku, Urayasu-shi) : It is 8 billion yen from 3 billion yen per one

・ Manpower supply company : 800 million yen

・ Four-year university (the Chugoku district) : 800 million yen

・ Production and sale of the accessories & jewelry : 1,200 million yen

・ Bonesetter’s Clinic (Shizuoka .7 store) :  350 million yen

・ Medical corporation (Aichi) : 60 million yen

・ Airport parking service : 30 million yen

・ High-quality men’s wear store : 30 million yen

・ High-quality hair salon 2 store : 30 million yen

・ Ramen chain : 1 billion yen

・ Hair salon management business : 50 million yen

・ Shopping mall in Chiba : 5 billion yen

・ Business hotel in Kanagawa : 1,400 million yen

・ Sake brewing in Niigata : 1 yen * debt return

・ Shuzenji Onsen : 120 million yen

・ Fashion hotel bulk : 1,700 million yen

・ Shizuoka hot spring hotel : 300 million yen

・ Hamburger Steaks Store : 9,500,000 yen

・ Model talent agency : 40 million yen

・ Dentistry clinic Tokyo : Toshima-ku 9 million yen, Shinjuku-ku 5 million yen

・ Public lottery sale opening of a store right : 180 million yen

・ Store specializing in Japanese beef (Saitama) : 12 million yen

・ Pet funeral service : 10 million yen

・ Administration transfer of the training health appliance information web site : 100 million yen

・ Shipping industry : 200 million yen

・ Various container manufacturing facility : 30 million yen

・ Household appliance new article used goods dealership : 400 million yen

・ Japanese education system : partner hope

・ Beauty clinic in Shibuya : 50 million yen

・ Mobile game business : 1,500 million yen

・ Financial products business : 45 million yen

・ Dialysis clinic : 200 million yen

・ Brewing production sale : 300 million yen

・ SNS site business : 5 billion yen

・ Apparel company : 500 million yen

・ Aviation service business : 2,500 million yen

・ Mineral water factory : 300 million yen

・ America F.C. license business

・ Hair loss beauty treatment salon business (more than 10 stores) : 600 million yen

・ Professional athlete sponsor business

・ Singer-songwriter sponsor business

・ Hong Kong Stock Exchange presentation consulting business

・ Sandwich business


(attention)The prices of sale that we showed are approximate amount of money.

Please refer to us for these details. The items which sale was already decided on may be included in these.


We mediate the company and the shop. We mediate the needs of “the person who wants to sell” between “the person who wants to buy”.


Medium and small-sized business, small business, factory

Real estate for lease real estate, the investment

Nail salon eyelash salon, eyelashes salon, exa- Ron who waits

Hair salon, hair salon, hair salon cut salon

Beauty treatment salon relaxation salon beauty salon

The House of House of manipulative House, bonesetting, bonesetting, massage salon

Dental clinic, dentist, dental clinic, doctor’s office, hospital

Cafe bar cafe, cafe, bar, restaurant ramen shop

Laundry, bookstore, drugstore sports gym

English conversation school, cram school


・ You who wants to sell the shop and the company, please contact us.

・ As for you who wants to purchase the shop and the company, please tell us the contents.

・ We mediate the buyer between the seller.

・ We are agents of the mergers and acquisitions business. We mediate a merger, the acquisition, a transfer, buying and selling, sale, the purchase of the company.

・ You do not have to pay an expense until making a promise of the buying and selling.



Our basic reward is 10% of the sale price.

・We offer the documents of the target item to you.

・When you needツinterpretation, we dispatchツan interpreter.

・When you need translation, we can translate them

・We submitツestimates to you before interpretation and translation.

・The minimum amount of our reward isツ2 million yen.


Company Introduction

This site is a service offered by Right International LLC in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Our company’s representative is a legal adviser. The representative Mr. Keigo Tanaka is a legal adviser who has a Japanese national qualification included immigration lawyer. We help you with buyingツbusiness in Japan. We provide you attentive professional services to find the most suitable solution for you.


Right International LLC
Legal Advisor’s Office “OFFICE RIGHT”
Tokyo Office :1-11-1-1103 Azabu-juban, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan, 106-0045
TEL : +81-3-6453-9692
Osaka Office : 2-5-14 Sibata, Kitaku, Osaka, Japan, 530-0012
TEL : +81-6-6377-1823
President Keigo Tanaka
President Keigo Tanaka

The national qualification that the president has : 1989 passed Legal Advisor

August 2001 : Legal Advisor’s Office “OFFICE RIGHT”

June 2008 : Right International LLC

Greetings of the president :
Originally I am a Legal Advisor specialized in the making of the contract. And we support the international business by the specialized staff now.
In addition, we mediate the mergers and acquisitions of the companies.
We are devoted mainly on these business every day to meet the expectation of the clients.


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